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Alane Fieldson © 2003.
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Alane Fieldson © 1994-2004

AlanesArt.com - Original Fantasy Artwork by Alane Fieldson
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The Copyright Dragon by Alane Fieldson ©2000Copyright & Artwork Use Policy

All images on this site were created by and are copyright of Alane Fieldson.

Artwork Use Policy
If your site is a Adult-Only site please do not use my images, thank you.

The artwork on this website is not clipart. All images featured within alanesart.com are copyright by Alane Fieldson. You are welcome to display any of the pictures in the Galleries on your own personal website provided you follow the policies outlined below.


  • Images must come from the Gallery section
  • Images must be uploaded to your own server
  • Artwork found in the Custom Artwork section is off-limits
  • Artwork may not be altered, this includes color adjusting, recoloring, adding a new background, removing my signature, adding text or new graphics, or removing any elements.
  • Artwork may not be used to create filters, tubes, brushes, dingbat
    fonts or nozzles. They may not be included in clip art collections or
    compilation C.D.s.
  • Artwork may not be used for any commercial or for-profit venture without purchasing appropriate usage rights. If you wish to license artwork please contact me with the particulars.
  • Proportionally resizing the artwork is permissable.
  • Artwork title, my copyright notice and a link to http://www.alanesart.com must be displayed with the image. See the table code below for a sample method.

<TR> <TD>
<IMG SRC="file location here" ALT=" Image title " WIDTH="#" HEIGHT="#">
"[Image Title]" artwork © <A HREF="http://www.alanesart.com">Alane Fieldson</A> [artwork date].
</TD> </TR>

Commercial Web Sites
If your website is commercial in nature - its primary function is to sell services or products - and you wish to use my images in a commercial fashion please about licensing artwork.

General Information about Copyright

Copyright means that to use the copyrighted material you must first gain permission from the copyright holder. Copyrightable material is any work sprung from your creative efforts ("including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works") and fixed in tangible form (this applies to computer memory).

Images that are not copyright are known as clip art and they are part of the public domain. Use caution when acquiring images if it does not specifically say that it is clip art.

Copyright notices may look like or (c) or just flat out say "copyright". The moment a picture is created it is copyrighted by its creator, whether or not they include a notice. Though it is not necessary to register material with the Copyright Office, it is wise to do so when the material is to be used commercially. Ownership of original artwork does not constitute ownership of copyrights and must specifically purchased.

For more information on copyright law visit the United States Copyright Office at http://www.loc.gov/copyright.