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Artists' resource books for drawing and marketing artwork

I personally recommend the following books. I have signed up for an affiliate account with Amazon.com so you can buy books online from them and I get a small commission for each purchase originating from my site. But hey, you don't have to buy these books here - visit your local bookstore and see what other books are available or check with your local library.

Clicking on the cover or the title of each book will take you to the book on Amazon.com.

Art Business Resources
cover 2003 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market.
A great resource for commercial application of your artwork. This book contains listings of publishers and galleries with contact information and specifics on how to submit work and what kind of art they are interested in.
cover Graphic Artists Guild Handbook : Pricing & Ethical Guidelines
An invaluable resource for beginners and professionals. This book covers different categories of commercial art and how it is priced, produced and what rights are usually sold or licensed. This book is published by the Graphic Artists Guild.
Drawing Instruction Resources
cover How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way
You may not want to draw the Marvel way, or even draw comics for that matter, but this book is a good resource for beginners and I still refer to it. It offers easy to follow graphical instruction on the basics of drawing people and architecture as well as covering perspective.
cover Drawing the Head and Figure
I found this book to be quite invaluable for figure drawing. The artist covers step-by-step the various parts of the body on men and women and how they all fit together. The book is old (originally published in 1963) so the clothing and hair styles are dated but this book is definitely a good purchase for beginners and intermediate artists.
Colored Pencils
No picture available.
Colored Pencils (Artist's Library series...
This book offers a good introduction to colored pencil techniques through a series of step-by-step lessons.
cover The Human Figure in Motion
This great collection of stop-motion photographs of men and women in motion is a great resource for artists on any level. All the photos are nudes doing various motions like running, jumping, climbing, crawling etc. all caught in full 2-page spreads of sequenced photographs.
cover Horses and Other Animals in Motion
Also from Eadweard Muybridge, this great collection features stop-motion photographs of various breed horses and a menagerie of other animals like cats, dogs, goats, birds, capybaras (yes, capybaras) and more in motion. Again, invaluable for an artist of any level.

In association with Amazon.com

In Association with Amazon.com